School Spirit – Gearing Up to Go Back to School

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Time to Get Back To School

School pride is often symbolized through the display of colors, mascots, and logos.  As students gear up for back to school, embracing these symbols can be an outward expression of their commitment to school spirit. 

Wearing the school’s colors, adorning backpacks with stickers, or donning apparel with the school logo demonstrates solidarity and fosters a sense of identity.  When students proudly display their school affiliation, it becomes a visual reminder of the collective goals, achievements, and values that shape their educational journey. 


Students are the biggest audience for back to school promotions, and there are plenty of promos that will appeal to them. Students need durable and spacious backpacks to carry books, computers, accessories, and other school supplies.

Staying hydrated is important for keeping focused and staying alert during the school day. Reusable water bottles with fun features are sure to be appreciated by students of all ages while multi-use drinkware that can be used for cold or hot beverages is ideal for the college-age crowd and faculty. 

Fashion is always important for students because it gives kids a sense of free thinking and a great sense of confidence. The 1990s and Y2K fashion will continue influencing apparel trends in the upcoming school year with dark/gothic colors, hoodies, oversized tees, plaids, and color-blocking with minimal accessories.

Additionally, expect to see vibrant pink grow in popularity with students when Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie is released in November, impacting the fashion choices of young women worldwide.

Parents & Guardians

Parents and guardians play a crucial role in supporting their child’s education, and they deserve recognition for their efforts. Consider offering promotional products that will help parents stay organized and involved in their child’s back to school activities.

A calendar or planner with important school dates and events is useful and an imprinted tote bag for carrying school supplies, snacks, and other essentials can be functional and fashionable.

Promos that help parents, family, and guardians show how proud they are of their children’s accomplishments are an essential part of any back-to-school campaign. Yard signs, car magnets, stickers, and apparel promote educational institutions and programs while giving supportive adults a way to show off (and brag a little) about their awesome kids. 


Teachers deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication. Consider offering promotional products that will help them stay motivated and organized throughout the school year. Thoughtful items like a journal or planner, an attractive coffee mug, or cozy apparel are sure to be appreciated and used often. 

Writing instruments, books, and tech accessories are essential in the classroom, and when they are branded with a school’s logo, colors, or inspirational messages they can enhance the learning experience and boost school spirit. Thinking beyond standard supplies, stress balls and fidget toys are beneficial to both students and their teachers by helping kids stay focused and calm throughout the day.

Promotional products that help administrators and support staff keep things running smoothly and efficiently are a great addition to any back-to-school campaign.  A branded desk accessory or memo pad can help them stay organized while a custom lapel pin or keychain will show off their school pride.

In conclusion, gearing up for back-to-school with school spirit is a transformative experience.  It transcends the mundane routines of education and elevates the journey into something remarkable.

So, if you are gearing up for back to school?  Promotional products are a great way to kick off the school spirit while supporting the education sector.  Go to to learn more about the products, ideas, and back to school programs that will reach a wide audience and make a positive impact on school experiences. 

Wanda Banks Green

Wanda Banks Green is the owner of Zag Branding Solutions, a full-service branding agency, specializing in promotional products, corporate gifts, and branded apparel.

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