The Top Promotional Products to Grow Your Business | Best Promotional Items 2023

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The Top Promotional Products to Grow Your Business | Best Promotional Items 2023

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to get your name and brand out there. Promotional items are one of the most effective ways to do that. But with so many options, how do you know which promotional items are right for your business?

My name is Wanda Green, and I own ZAG Branding Solutions, a leading promotional materials company. For over 10 years in business, we’ve helped small businesses like yours choose the perfect promotional materials to help them stand out. Keep reading, and I’ll share my top picks for the best promotional materials to grow your small business in 2023.

Why Promotional Materials Are a Smart Marketing Investment

promotional products smart investment

Before we dive into specific products, let’s look at why promotional merchandise is such a smart move for small businesses:

  • Cost-effective. Promotional items are inexpensive to purchase, especially in bulk. Yet they offer an impressive return on your marketing investment.
  • Unique. The right promotional item lets you give potential customers something they’ll actually use and appreciate. This gives you an edge over forgettable paper flyers or business cards.
  • Versatile. Promotional products go anywhere – trade shows, client gifts, employee recognition, and more. There are endless possibilities for getting your name out there.
  • Powerful. Research shows that 4 out of 5 consumers recall the brand name on promotional products they receive. That brand awareness stays with them and increases the chance they’ll become customers.

With numbers like that, it’s no wonder promotional merchandise is one of the fastest-growing marketing tools today. Now let’s look at some of the best promotional products to consider…

top promotional products

1. The Custom Printed Pen

A pen may seem simple, but it’s one of the most useful promotional items you can hand out. Recipients will see your labeling every time they pull it out to write something down.

Pens rank as one of the most frequently used promotional products. After all, just about everyone needs a pen!

Key benefits:

  • Low cost per unit
  • Useful for recipients
  • Wide range of styles and prices

Consider having pens made in two or more colors and handing them out in sets. This gives an extra visual boost to your branding.

Branded Promotional Writing Instruments -Pens - ZAG Branding Solutions
Branded Pens

2. Promotional Drinkware

From durable travel mugs to sleek tumblers, drinkware makes an excellent addition to your promotional product lineup.

Staying hydrated is a priority for most people these days. That means they’ll use and appreciate a thoughtfully branded cup or bottle.

Benefits of drinkware:

  • Portable and used daily
  • Lots of real estate for your logo
  • Made from eco-friendly materials

You can choose drinkware in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Popular options are stainless steel tumblers and colorful plastic bottles.

Promotional Drinkware - ZAG Branding Solutions
Promotional Drinkware Gift Box

3. Branded Apparel

T-shirts, polos, caps – apparel is a must-have category for your promotional products arsenal.

Clothing turns your customers into walking billboards. Everywhere they go, your label goes too.

Apparel is also very giftable. Consider handing out branded shirts or hats to event attendees.

Why apparel works:

  • Versatile – endless style and color options
  • Worn frequently so the brand is visible
  • Sizing makes it personalized

Focus on high-quality materials that are comfortable and durable. Promotional apparel should be something people want to wear.

Branded Apparel - Hoodies - ZAG Branding Solutions
Branded Apparel

4. Power Banks

In our device-driven era, portable chargers have become a popular promotional product.

Think about it – just about everyone carries around a smartphone or tablet they depend on daily. A branded power bank lets you become their hero when their battery runs low.

Advantages of power banks:

  • Handy accessories people use daily
  • Choose compact or high-capacity versions
  • Add a flashlight feature for extra usefulness

Having your logo on an item your customers depend on is smart marketing! Power banks are definitely one of the top promotional products today.

Power Bank - Promotional Tech - ZAG Branding Solutions
Promotional – Tech, Power Banks

5. Branded Tech Accessories

Everyone loves getting free stuff, especially when it’s the latest gadget accessory.

Tech accessories like phone cases, earbuds, and charging cables make great promotional giveaways. They’re useful for your recipients and show you’re up on the latest trends.

Why tech accessories work:

  • Useful, practical items people want
  • Chance to partner with big brands like Apple
  • Position you as a cutting-edge company

Choose a hot item like phone ring holders or wireless headphones. Or create a suite of complementary products like chargers, stands, and cleaning cloths.

6. Calendars and Planners

Help your customers and clients get organized with branded calendars, planners, notebooks, and more.

Promotional items they’ll use daily or weekly present lots of opportunities for brand impressions. Useful office supplies like these are sure to get regular use.

Benefits of calendars and planners:

  • Useful tools for organization
  • Monthly or weekly visibility
  • Large branding area on covers

Long-lasting quality is key for maximum brand exposure over time. Partner with a trusted supplier for awesome promotional office supplies.

7. Promote Your Brand with Custom Tote Bags

Tote bags make for an extremely versatile promotional product. They provide ample space for prominent branding and recipients will reuse them frequently.

Promotional tote bags are a walking advertisement for your brand. People will carry them to the grocery store, beach, work, and more.

Benefits of branded tote bags:

  • Provides large printable area for designs
  • Durable and reusable over time
  • Carried frequently so high visibility
  • Made from eco-friendly materials

Choose custom tote bags tailored to your target audience. Go for a canvas beach tote for a casual vibe or leather for upscale clients.

Print your logo, tagline, and contact information on both sides of the bags. This ensures maximum impressions as people carry your totes.

Hand out promotional tote bags at conferences, shopping centers, or other events. Or offer them as incentives for customers and loyal clients. They make great reusable swag bag alternatives too.

With the right creative design and materials, custom tote bags deliver ongoing branding impact long after an event or promotion ends. They are a versatile and effective promotional product.

Best Promotional Items Your Customers Will Love

Beyond these basics, many trendy and unique promotional products can boost your marketing. Here are a few more categories to consider:

  • Tech gadgets like wireless earbuds or phone stands
  • Outdoor gear including branded hats and coolers
  • Useful tools like tape measures and pocket knives
  • Sunglasses and reading glasses
  • Trendy drinkware like wine tumblers or camping mugs
  • Portable chargers and speakers
  • First aid kits and emergency tools like flashlights

Take a look at your target customers and think about useful items they would enjoy. Reach out to a promotional consultant for more ideas on the latest products.

The key is choosing creative and unique promotional items people will actually use. That results in the maximum brand impressions from your marketing spend.

Why Choose ZAG Branding Solutions for Your Promotional Needs?

As you can see, the options for effective promotional products for your small business are endless. The key is picking the right items and then partnering with an excellent supplier like ZAG Branding Solutions.

Here’s why small businesses love working with us for their custom promotional products:

Industry Expertise: With over 10 years in the promo industry, we know exactly which products deliver results.

Great Branding: We ensure your logo and message stand out beautifully on any item.

Creative Approach: Our team helps inspire you with unique promotional products tailored to your goals.

Fast Turnaround: We get your branded merchandise out quickly thanks to our intuitive ordering system.

First-Class Service: You get a dedicated account rep who ensures your complete satisfaction.

Competitive Pricing: Our buying power means discounted prices passed on to you. We’ll work within any budget.

Risk-Free Guarantee: If you’re not happy with any promotional product, we’ll make it right.

Let us help you choose the perfect branded merchandise to grow your small business this year. Call 800-944-7308 or visit today to get started on bold promotional marketing!

Wanda Banks Green

Wanda Banks Green is the owner of Zag Branding Solutions, a full-service branding agency, specializing in promotional products, corporate gifts, and branded apparel.

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